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Force-Directed Edge Bundling for Graph Visualization
Danny Holten, Jarke J. van Wijk
Eindhoven University of Technology
Project Description:
Graphs depicted as node-link diagrams are widely used to show relationships between entities. However, node-link diagrams comprised of a large number of nodes and edges often suffer from visual clutter. The use of edge bundling remedies this and reveals high-level edge patterns. Previous methods require the graph to contain a hierarchy for this, or they construct a control mesh to guide the edge bundling process, which often results in bundles that show considerable variation in curvature along the overall bundle direction. In a paper presented at Eurographics' Symposium on Visualization 2009, Danny Holten and Jarke J. van Wijk introduced a new edge bundling method that uses a self-organizing approach to bundling, in which edges are modeled as ?exible springs that can attract each other, has been introduced. In contrast to previous methods, no hierarchy or control mesh is used. The resulting bundled graphs show signi?cant clutter reduction and clearly visible high-level edge patterns. Curvature variation is furthermore minimized, resulting in smooth bundles that are easy to follow. The authors have also introduced a rendering technique that can be used to emphasize the bundling.
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