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Emma McNally's drawings
Emma McNally
Project Description:
The work of Emma McNally is another great case of an artistic embracement of Complexity and Systems Theory, resulting in a slow detachment of these domains from their exclusive scientific realm. It's quite remarkable when this adoption takes the shape of randomized algorithms in Generative Art, but it's even more astounding when it's expressed by means of hand-drawn illustrations.

The stunning graphite illustrations of Emma McNally convey a sort of cartographic conjecture, with imaginary planes and connections, intersecting squares, circles and dots. These abstract lines, shapes, and patterns make for some striking textures and resemble classic mappings of cyberspace through nodal connections of imagined networks.

You can see all her drawings on her flickr slideshow.

Comments (1):
Emma's maps of everything micro- and macrocosmic are compelling.

Posted by martin kemp on Apr 10, 2009 at 9:50 AM (GMT)

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