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London Connections
Sandra Niedersberg
Project Description:
Using the 'six degrees of separation' theory as an inspiration, Sandra Niedersberg mapped and analyzed the way she made friends and acquaintances over a five-month period after moving from Germany to London. The research was extended to include interviews with each contact that formed a book. With the information amassed she also created a series of A2 maps printed onto translucent paper allowing the different levels to be over-laid to show further associations.

Each map uses the geography of London as its framework, reduced to a symbolic representation of the river Thames. Each person is represented by a dot and their name, the position of which corresponds to where they live. All the co-ordinate dots appear on every map, but a person's name only appears if they have a connection on that particular map. Each map shows different statistics for different situations, such as living, home, work, institutions, school, meeting points and so on, with color coding used to reveal further levels of information.

Source: Fawcett-Tang, Robert, and William Owen. Mapping: An Illustrated Guide to Graphic Navigational Systems. Rockport Publishers, 2002.

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