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Level-of-Detail Visualization of Clustered Graph Layouts
Michael Balzer, Oliver Deussen
Department of Computer and Information Science - University of Konstanz, Germany
Project Description:
The images shown here are from a paper presenting a series of techniques that enable a comprehensible interactive visualization of large and complex clustered graph layouts either in 2D or 3D. As the authors of the paper point out, a major problem in the visualization of graphs is the limitation of current display devices, and the human cognitive system in general: "A graph visualization containing more than a few hundred vertices and edges, results in incomprehensible representations with many overlappings and occlusions, which make a differentiation and a closer investigation of individual vertices and edges almost impossible".

The approach presented in this paper uses level-of-detail to reduce the polygon count for interactively visualizing large and complex graphs, as well as to reduce the visual complexity of the information in general. The employed techniques are based on the substitution of a complex object by a simpli?ed object or the substitution of a group of objects by a single one. It is important to point out that this approach that only modi?es the visual representation of the graph and does not alter the structure or the computed layout of the graph.

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