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Dramatis Personae
Andrew Coulter Enright, Heather Samples
Project Description:
When Andrew Enright and his wife Heather Samples were married in 2006, they had a small wedding with a few groups of very tightly-knit friends and family. Wanting them to chat one another up easily, they made this graphic to help start conversations and allow, say, their college friends to enjoy Heather's father's friends without too much awkwardness. They also wanted a program-like document, something that would tell the roles of each member of the wedding party. Therefore, Andrew and Heather are placed in the middle with the outer ring of the major players.

They collected their favorite stories (and solicited some from their parents - at least one for each guest) and then Heather distilled them all to the teaser text visible between each the nodes. Andrew then rendered the map in Illustrator and had several of them printed on newsprint. Andrew's mom and sister tied them around cardboard tubes filled with sunflower seeds and each guest received one as they took their seats.

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