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Liverpool: Centre of the Creative Universe
Burn Everything
Project Description:
Produced by the Liverpool based Graphic Design Studio Burn Everything, this poster was shown at the Tate Liverpool, in 2007, part of the exhibition: "Liverpool: Centre of the Creative Universe and Avant-Garde". The map categorises the content into Topographic landmarks of the city, such as The Docks, The Walker Art Gallery, Tate, Bluecoat Art Gallery, Liverpool College of art, and also by The Beatles.

As Chris Watson describes in his blog: "The subtle harmony with tinges of Pink Framing (arrows/lines) the main Landmarks in the foreground and the background framing of the Blue linking particular people across these Landmarks are excellent. The framing also has many different styles from varied iconic and well known pointing hands, to hand drawn, dashed lines, rounded edge bubbles, rectangular, organic grey shapes, speech bubbles all used in distinction to there landmarks. The use of varying saturations of black with the monochrome bubbles and introduction of illustrations of birds & eyes, some iconic others mimetic (realistic photos) create a magnificent balance of word & image".

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