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Genealogy Motion Graphics
Walter Rafelsberger
Project Description:
For an upcoming documentary by Benedikt Bjarnason, RhNav - Rhizome Navigation was used to create animated visualizations of large genealogy data sets. RhNav is a development framework based on processing for building data mining and information visualization related (real-time) applications.

The images shown here illustrate a 3d family tree starting with director Bjarnason at the bottom and going up to early icelandic settlers from early 10th century. The graph layout was done using an adapted force-directed algorithm and features more than 3300 persons.

As Walter Rafelsberger explains: "What set's it apart from similar visualizations is the capability to show far more complex relationships by breaking up the classic tree structure and following a more rhizome-like approach - and of course the sheer amount of relationships shown".

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