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Graphical visualization of text similarities
Magnus Rembold, Jurgen Spath
Interaction Design Institute - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich
Project Description:
In 2004 a book was published by the Interaction Design Institute of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich, on the subject of "the interaction" and its place in the world of man-machine-communications. The book, Total Interaction, is a compilation of nineteen essays which offer different perspectives on this complex thematic field.

In order to help the reader understand not only the content of each individual essay, but also the thematic links relating the essays to each other, Magnus Rembold and Jurgen Spath created a visualization piece that illustrates the book's content.

The concentric circles represent the individual essays, with the radius in direct proportion to the essay's character count. A word's frequency is proportional to both its type size and the diameter of its circle. In addition, the essays are depicted as a pie slice that has been color-coded and whose width of the central angle derives from the number of coinciding words between the essay in question and that of the secondary author. The radius of the pie slice also derives from the length of the individual essays (the same is true of the concentric circles). The barcode structure which appears within the concentric circle of the essay in question breaks down its structure, and both the central angle and transparency of each bar correspond to the length of the essay's paragraphs.

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