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Enron's E-Mail Pattern
Bill Marsh
The New York Times
Project Description:
In 2003, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission posted about 1.5 million messages from Enron's e-mail servers on its Web site. After duplicates were weeded out, a half-million e-mails were left from about 150 accounts, including those of the company's top executives. Most were sent from 1999 to 2001, a period when Enron executives were manipulating financial data, making false public statements, engaging in insider trading, and the company was coming under scrutiny by regulators.

This graph produced by The New York Times reveals a map of a week's e-mail patterns in May 2001, when a new name suddenly appeared. Scientists found that this week's pattern differed greatly from others, suggesting different conversations were taking place that might interest investigators.

Source: The New York Times. Dr. Carey E. Priebe and Youngser Park, Johns Hopkins University.

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