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Yann Le Guennec
Project Description:
Datapainting is sort of a real-time, on-demand Pollock painting producer, but instead of canvas and paint, it's using data from a vast array of IP host addresses.

As explained by the author: "Each picture is a dynamic composition which results from a program. In programs, some parameters vary randomly or according to data suitable for the moment and the technical context in which the picture generation takes place. Each picture is thus a representation in the field of possibles ones created by the code. Each image is then an element of an infinite and disordered series."

Comments (1):
I love this I woulkd like a programme that could help me represent my social computing networks for my final project/M.A. exhibiton any ideas where from?

Posted by kaz on Jul 5, 2007 at 6:04 PM (GMT)

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