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On Bots - Binary Search Tree
Drunk Men Work Here
Project Description:
2,147,483,647 web pages ('nodes') were numbered and arranged in a Binary Search Tree. For each page the traffic of the three major search bots (Yahoo! Slurp, Googlebot and msnbot) was monitored over a period of one year (between 2005-4-13 and 2006-4-13).

Each search engine's behavior was visualized as a tree image that represents which nodes were crawled. Each line in the image represents a node, the number of times a search bot visited the node determines the length of the line.

As part of the results, the authors found Yahoo! Slurp to be the most active search bot and the first search engine to discover the Binary Search Tree experiment. In the first hours after discovery it crawled the tree vigorously, at a speed of over 2.3 nodes per second. The image shown represents the resulting tree of Yahoo! Slurp crawling over 1 year.

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