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Graham J. Wills
Bell Laboratories (Data Visualization Group)
Project Description:
"The difference between displaying networks with 100-1,000 nodes and displaying ones with 10,000-100,000 nodes is not merely quantitative, it is qualitative. Layout algorithms suitable for the former are too slow for the latter, requiring new algorithms or modified (often relaxed) versions of existing algorithms to be invented. The density of nodes and edges displayed per inch of screen real estate requires special visual techniques to filter the graphs and focus attention.

NicheWorks is a visualization tool for the investigation of very large graphs. By 'very large' we mean graphs for which we cannot look at the complete set of labeled nodes and edges on one static display. Typical analyses performed using NicheWorks have between 20,000 and 1,000,000 nodes. On current mid-range workstations, a network of around 50,000 nodes and edges can be visualized and manipulated in real time with ease. Increased size decreases interactive performance linearly. NicheWorks allows the user to examine a variety of node and edge attributes in conjunction with their connectivity information. Categorical, textual and continuous attributes can be explored with a variety of one-way, two-way, and multidimensional views."

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