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Dynamic Visualization of Graphs with Extended Labels
Pak Chung Wong, Patrick Mackey, Ken Perrine, James Eagan, Harlan Foote, Jim Thomas
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology
Project Description:
These images are part of a paper presented at InfoVis'05, which describes a novel technique to visualize graphs with extended node and link labels. The lengths of these labels range from a short phrase to a full sentence to an entire paragraph and beyond. The proposed solution is different from existing approaches that rely on intensive computational effort to optimize the label placement problem. Instead, the authors share the visualization resources with the graph and present the label information in static, interactive, and dynamic modes without the requirement for tackling the intractability issues. This allows the reallocation of the computational resources for dynamic presentation of real-time information. The paper also includes a user study to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of this visualization technique.
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