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Vertex-Edge Graphs
Jeff Brown
MOAT - National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR)
Project Description:
This map represents a 3D model of the vBNS network, using the tool CICHLID,which connects universities and laboratories in the USA.

"A vertex-edge graph consists of two arrays: one of vertex structures, and one of edge structures. This corresponds closely to the abstract mathematical representation of a graph as G(V;E), except that the vertices and edges in Cichlid contain not only connectivity information, but also graphical attributes. Each vertex is defined by a VtxInfo structure, which contains a 3-D location vector, a relative size parameter, color information, and a drawing style hint. Each edge is defined by an EdgeInfo structure, which indicates the vertices where the edge terminates, the directionality of the edge, size, color, and style. The vertices are defined to exist in a 3-D coordinate space, which is declared ahead of time; this space is mapped to the final graphical representation. The edges are defined to connect pairs of vertices."

Comments (1):
dude these graphs r cool

Posted by Anna on May 15, 2008 at 12:28 AM (GMT)

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