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Locus - Experimental Social Interface
Project Description:
Locus is an instant messanger, social experiment, and art piece that is built on the premise that you are how you act.

Locus is a Jabber client written in Python, that uses Bayesian statistical analysis to find likenesses between the messages that your friends send you. Bayesian algorithms are used in the world's most successful junk e-mail filters. They work by training the filter with e-mails that you have selected as junk e-mail and non-junk. Eventually the filter learns to distinguish between the two on it's own.

Locus uses the same principles only instead of training the filter to recognize whether an e-mail is junk or not, Locus trains itself to recognize the writing of each person that sends you messages. By cross-comparing everyone's collection of messages, Locus can get an idea of which people may share interests.

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