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An Ecosystem of Corporate Politicians
Pedro Miguel Cruz
Project Description:
This interactive visualization vividly illustrates the relationships between members of Portuguese government and corporations, from 1975 to 2013. Data is represented as an ecosystem. Each set of interdependent relationships are presented by physical trajectories in space and time, so that politicians are visiting companies in time, chasing and jumping between them. Companies are the circles, with an area proportional to the number of different politicians that had a position. Politicians are simulated as living agents, encircling corporations for an amount of time proportional to the duration of their appointment, and color coded by their political affiliation. The anatomy of the organism representation indicates how many companies the politician has been affiliated with. Clicking on a company isolates its particular ecosystem, and clicking on a politician visualizes his or her path between companies. Pedro Cruz takes a unique approach in making his data "come alive" in a natural, organic way, allowing the specific network to take its form over time.
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