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Density Scenario 1
Jorge Ayala
Jorge Ayala Studio
Project Description:
Architect Jorge Ayala is based between London, Beijing and Paris working for Plasma Studio on several projects within China, and currently involved in the World Horticultural Expo design for Xi'an 2011. He continuously showcases an interesting array of ideas and projects on his blog.

The model shown here, in a laser cutted 1 mm white cardboard shaped by hand, consists of a mesh of densities within an urban framework that seeks to understand, articulate, and visualize possibilities for the hyper dense, programmatic difference, and radically optimized new agglomerations in China.

As Jorge explains, "The usage of the graphic material and selection of processes help the project to move from a fundamental constraint 2D drawing, which delimitate boundaries, into a more propositional engagement with its context."

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