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Visual Thesaurus
Project Description:
The Visual Thesaurus takes a unique, and remarkably beautiful approach to presenting the results of a word lookup. Discover and learn from nearly 40,000 words, meanings and relationships. Through its emphasis on exploration and vocabulary building, the Visual Thesaurus can improve reading, writing and communication skills.

The New York Times:
"Search for the word 'plain' in a conventional book-bound thesaurus, and you will find an unadorned and featureless list of synonyms on the printed page. Search for the same word with Visual Thesaurus 2.0, and the program generates an animated three-dimensional constellation in which 'plain' is at the center, surrounded by synonyms and other related words. Click on the antonym 'fancy' and that word drifts to middle of the screen, where synonyms rush to encircle it in an elaborate, showy and -- the people who came up with it hope -- thought-provoking display."

Comments (2):
This is a free Visual Thesaurus with even more words here

Posted by Paul A on Mar 8, 2008 at 5:33 PM (GMT)

Lexipedia has to evolve more to provide an alternative to Visual Thesaurus. I sincerely hope it does so. Is it opensource?

Posted by Sam Serious on Mar 19, 2009 at 4:27 AM (GMT)

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