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Cedric Kiefer, Christopher Warnow
Project Description:
Imitate and Informate is an initiative that aims at transforming formal aspects of natural phenomena into data visualization methods. Noticeably inspired by Nature, the authors initially asked themselves a series of questions: "Do our graphical systems reveal other information than classical statistics?", "Do they distract from data?", "How much graphical uninformation is allowed for the sake of a certain visual style?".

By applying a variety of computational and generative strategies for managing data, they were able to produce a series of experimental visualizations that are extremely inspiring, and strangely familiar. Nature is a great teacher when it comes to managing complexity in a simple, efficient way, providing great clues to many challenges surfacing in the field of Information Visualization.

The project was part of the course "Reality in Virtuality", at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, with Prof. Danijela Djokic.

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