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Semantic Graphs of French Intellectual Property Rights
Mathieu Bastian, Mathieu Jacomy, Sebastien Heymann, Julian Bilcke
Gephi - Graph Exploration & Manipulation
Project Description:
These work-in-progress maps are part of a study produced in the spring of 2008 for economist Yann Moulier-Boutang, law professor at the French engineering school UTC. They represent the linked terms of vocabulary used on the Web to talk about the intellectual property rights in French. The datasets came from the search engine Exalead SA.

Each node is a term and each edge exists when two terms or expressions are co-cited on a sufficient number of web pages, over more than 120,000 pages. 1283 expressions and 4984 co-citing links have been selected, assuming a representative approach against an exhaustive one. The first image is a detail of the general map where semantic clusters are represented with different color-nodes. The second image is a test to display the imprint of two meta-clusters : the vocabulary of intellectual property rights (in red) versus the one of industrial property rights (in blue).

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