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One week of The Guardian
Dave Bowker
Project Description:
Over the course of 2007 and 2008, Dave Bowker has been conducting a series of experiments in the many ways of representing news and data. Some of these include experiments in subject areas such as reduction, visualisation, ranking and sorting, representation, abstract, graphic storytelling, infographics, motion typography, body language studies, and filtering of data, to name just a few.

The images shown here are from a study entitled Thursday, part of the One week of The Guardian series, where Dave Bowker took the news from one week of The Guardian newspaper and visually represented it as a series of static visualization experiments. Referring to the Thursday execution, this is what Dave said: "This visual was pretty much focused on the relationships created between headlines, authors, pages, and categories. I wanted to see how much of a mess the relationships could make if they were all surrounding one container (like the square graphs we drew as children, linking adjoining sides by straight lines to create beautiful symmetrical perspectives)".

The weight of the lines are proportionate to the word count of each story, radially aligned in the main circle, next to authors, pages and categories. The categories, such as Science, Society, Politics, Culture, among others, also define the different colors used in the diagram.

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