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POLANOID COMMUNITY: A social network visualization
Julien Bayle
Project Description:
Julien Bayle is a photographer who has also been interested in Complexity, Generative Art and Social Networks. To cultivate his interest in these areas, he produced a network visualization of the Polaroid fan community site

Polanoid is a community platform based on polaroid scan uploads by people all over the globe. As they claim on the site: "We are building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography". Polanoid users can post, comment and rate polaroids, and at the same time, create social links between them. That social aspect of the platform was what motivated Julien to create this vast map of acquaintance links on the site.

He produced one GML file containing 1526 nodes & 6718 relationship links (including a mix of reciprocal links and unilateral links). Note that only 1526 users of a total of 8014 share any sort of connection. This file was then parsed by yED to produce a series of visualizations with a customized radial layout, which considers as center the people with the biggest number of friends.

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