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Growth and Topology of the NLANR Caching Hierarchy
Bradley Huffaker, Jaeyeon Jung, Duane Wessels
Project Description:
Web caching is a technology for migrating copies of documents from a server across the network toward points closer to the end users requesting those documents. Caching can reduce response time and network bandwidth consumption by reducing the number of repeated transmissions of the same documents across the wide area Internet. Consequently, web caching is now being widely deployed to mitigate problems imposed by explosive growth of Internet traffic.

By extending this concept across a cooperative mesh, one can form cache meshes, or hierarchies, to distribute load and leverage content among caches, further increasing overall performance. For these reasons, rapid growth in the demand for web caching has led to many research, development, and deployment projects in the last few years. One well-known caching project in the United States, the NSF-sponsored NLANR root cache system has been developing and deploying a prototype global web caching hierarchy since 1995.

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