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CIA Rendition Flights 2001-2006
Trevor Paglen, John Emerson
Project Description:
Trevor Paglen is an artist and geographer based in Berkeley, California. His project CIA Rendition Flights 2001-2006 is composed from flight data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and Eurocontrol. The map is a visualization of the movements of aircraft owned or operated by known CIA front companies. The project illustrates some of the more obscure relationships that have been forged between the United States and other countries over the course of the war on terror. John Emerson is an activist, graphic designer, writer, and programmer based in New York City. He has designed maps for Human Rights Watch, UNDP, Amnesty International, and United for Peace and Justice. John is currently a Partner at Apperceptive, LLC.

You can see the same map in a billboard in Los Angeles, on September 2006, or check Trevor's book Torture Taxi: On the Trail of the CIA's Rendition Flights. Here's a link to a diagram on the same subject produced by the French newspaper Le Monde.

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