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A Networked Designer's Critical Path
Tom Klinkowstein, Andrea Herman, Stefanie Wasserman, Mark Berinato
Media A
Project Description:
This massive diagram, with 3 by 10 meters in its original size, was originally created for a show on networks and designers at the Garanti Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2004; and was also shown at the AIGA Gallery on Fifth Avenue, New York City, in 2005, and other galleries and festivals in the United States and South America.

A Networked Designer's Critical Path, 1990-2090, represents the networked life of a fictional designer, living from 1990 to 2090. It is based on recent history, emerging trends and leading edge research and projections from the worlds of biology, business, design, information technology, sociology, entertainment and transportation. It charts the synergies and connections that form, interweave, and dissolve both naturally and intentionally.

The lines, squares, and bubbles are the observable impact of design, technology, culture and politics as interconnecting forces. Circles represent major themes in a particular decade; rectangles are the nodes along a critical path; and arrows suggest the interconnectedness of events and people, the boldest of which show the critical path of this designer's life.

See a pdf of the diagram here (3.6MB).

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