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Yusef Hassan Montero, Victor Herrero Solana
University of Granada, Spain
Project Description:
Visualizious is a research project about social indexing (a.k.a. social tagging), information retrieval and visualization. The prototype allows a top-level and detail view of the semantic relationships intrinsic in the folksonomy. Pathfinder Network Scaling, clustering and interactive techniques have been used for this purpose. This approach provides a means of knowledge acquisition and understanding of the socially constructed meaning of tags, as well as a means of visual information retrieval.

The images shown here provide a visualization of the tags in an interactive graph using the Visualizious prototype.

Comments (1):
I would like to talk to the developer of this application and discuss a possible project in the area of drug discovery visualization. Please kindly contact me at the provided e-mail address. Xavier Mensa

Posted by Xavier Mensa on Mar 6, 2009 at 10:45 AM (GMT)

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