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OpenStudio Networks
Burak Arikan
MIT Media Lab
Project Description:
The artist and designer Burak Arikan has been involved in great projects such as the Micro Fashion Network or Real Time Rome. Here Burak is visualizing the emerging relationships among people in MIT's Media Lab OpenStudio portal. OpenStudio is a web + art + community + economics online environment. It is an open ended experiment that couples a very simple drawing tool with an economy of artists, curators, collectors, dealers and viewers. Members can create and modify drawings, set prices and licenses, exchange and exhibit work, view financial records, and commission one another.

Burak did a series of studies in order to map the different emerging networks in OpenStudio, respectively the Business Network, Artist Network and Collector Network. This work has been published in Architectural Design Magazine's special issue: "Collective Intelligence in Design", September/October 2006.

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