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La Blogosphere Politique
Project Description:
RTGI is a French Social Media Analysis company that specializes in research on the territories and geography of online information. With the goal of mapping the topology of the World Wide Web, RTGI has developed a series of analytical solutions and projects, and partner with renowned institutions. One of the most interesting projects developed by RTGI is the Observatoire Presidentielle (Presidential Observatory).

This project (accessed online) is a place for Web analysis devoted to the 2007 French presidential election, which first round of voting will take place on Sunday, April 22, 2007. Among different studies and tools available for "feeding a fertile political debate", RTGI produced a flash tool entitled "La Blogosphere Politique" where one can visualize the french political blogosphere by main political parties. It represents hyperlinks between more than 1100 political weblogs and the date of the exploration was October 17, 2006.

The first image represents a detailed view into the political party Les Verts (Green Party), while the second portraits the full view into the UDF - Union pour la Democratie Francaise (Union for French Democracy) network of political weblogs.

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