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VINEC Poster Series
Project Description:
The Dutch design studio catalogtree has a produced a great portfolio of work accessible from its homepage's vast index of projects. Among them is the VINEC series.

The VINEC series of printed posters are intended to portrait the growth of Arnhem and nearby Nijmegen, two cities in the east of the Netherlands, by focusing on the A325 highway which connects the two cities. This series of 9 posters is stunning and thought-provoking, with each poster portraying a different aspect of the traffic in A325.

The first diagram (VINEC 006) shows all accidents on A325 - location, speed, time of day and day of week - between December 16th 1998 and January 1st 2003. While the second (VINEC 008) is based on the direction-preference of traffic on complex crossroads per hour of the day.

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