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Roberto Bianchettin
Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A  - Libero WebNews
Project Description:
The GraphNews project (beta released) has been developed as a new visualization and browsing feature of the Libero WebNews service, part of the Libero portal, one of the major Italian Internet Service providers. Libero WebNews, developed from Arianna Team, allows a fast visualization of the news published on the Web from more than 1.100 journalistic sources online.

GraphNews analyzes the content of the news articles processed in Libero WebNews, with the goal of highlighting the main subjects, i.e. the people, the products, the localities, the societies, the institutions, etc., and extracts the relations that elapse between them. The final result of this elaboration is a graph visualization of these subjects and their relations.

The graph is browsable through a simple one click:
- If one clicks a node (ellipse box), GraphNews creates a new graph with subject and relations tied to that specific node.
- If one clicks an arc (square box), GraphNews returns all the news that speak about the two subjects joined from the arc.

GraphNews also allows the change of detail level and the time period (day, week, month) of the graph. In the cases shown here, the inputted word for the first image was "Apple", while on the second was "Google".

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