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The copulogram as a means of visualizing the social network
Drunk Men Work Here
Project Description:
This project represents a visualization of the genealogical tree of an online community (Breedster). Breedster is an online community website designed for friends. The main goal of the service is to make one's social life, and that of their friends, more active and stimulating, by both enriching existing relationships and establishing new ones by reaching out to people never met before. Breedster organizes every personal web of acquaintances in an innovative format called Copulogram. It doesn't just show one's personal network, it gives an accurate depiction of all their relations.

These images represent a Copulogram of all 10313 Breedster members (6018 active, 4295 terminated accounts) generated on 2004-05-22. Not all relations are mapped, encounters that produced no offspring are not visualised to avoid further clutter. Father relations are shown in blue, mother relions in red, children with identical parents are grouped in semi circles. All 43 community founders are shown in the center, the youngest generation is shown on the perimeter.

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