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A Shift in the Fabric
Jeff Gray
Project Description:
Presented at the 2006 ITP Spring Show A Shift in the Fabric is an exploration of the overlapping networks we face in our daily life and their integration together as one large network "eco-system".

The Earth has become an ecosystem of networks and connections, with overwhelming and complex layers of such intermingling systems. This project attempts to begin visualizing these networks, not as exact representations of the actual data, but rather abstractions. By abstracting the information, each individual participant viewing this piece can make their own interpretations, allowing the viewers to create the solution, rather than some algorithm or heuristic. This exploration raises a variety of questions. By attempting to visualize these abstract networks, what new information can we gleam? Is it even possible to visualize such intensive and complex systems, especially when comparing connections between them? Further, how does the sheer volume of this data become relevant visually or logistically?

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