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Google Cartography
Richard Jones
Project Description:
Google Cartography uses the Google Search API to build a visual representation of the interconnectivity of streets in an area. It is indeed a very innovative and appealing concept, particularly since its interactive functionality allows a deeper understanding of the vast mesh of intersections that form a city's street network.

This application takes a starting street and finds streets that intersect with it. Traversing the streets in a breadth-first manner, further intersections are discovered. Eventually a connected graph is produced showing the interconnectivity of streets flowing from the starting street.

The largest connected subgraph is visualized using a Radial Layout algorithm provided by the Prefuse graph visualization framework. The graph is initially centered on the start street but will automatically adjust its focus to center around the most recently selected street.

On the provided URL you can try navigating through the streets of New York or Melbourne, or in case you have a Google key, you can explore your own area.

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