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Ralph Ammer, Stephan Maximilian Huber, Birte Steffan
Project Description:
As stated by the authors: "Sinnzeug is a novel dynamic search-engine for links to intelligent websites we think are worth spending time on. All the represented websites are special for some reason.There is a variety ranging from beautiful programming ideas to up-to-date online magazines or experimental art sites."

Each dot on the screen represents a website. After double-clicking anywhere in the window one can enter a searchword or chose one from the pop-upmenu. You can start your individual search for the websites you are interested in, by placing an index of catchwords in the window and arranging them.

The websites,i.e . the dots that feel they have something to do with this word, will be attracted by it. To remove a searchword just drag it out of the window. There will be lines drawn between the visited sites so you can easily find your way "back" to websites you may have enjoyed during your last use of Sinnzeug.

Sinnzeug is shockwave-application programmed with macromedia director 7.

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