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The Joules of the Universe
Absolute Motion Institute
Project Description:
In 2002, IFF director Margaret Wertheim guest curated an exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art based on the life and work of outsider physicist James Carter. A former abalone diver and gold miner, Carter has articulated an entire alternative theory of physics from the subatomic to the intergalactic. This radically other vision of reality is based around Carter's concept of the "circlon", a ring shaped particle he believes is the fundamental form from which everything in the universe is constructed.

This diagram, part of the exhibit "Lithium Legs and Apocalyptic Photons", shows the energy transfer of a number of familiar events over the whole energy spectrum. The smallest unit of energy is the stationary photon. From Television photons, to hydrogen fusion, cosmic rays, horse-power, TNT, atomic bomb, the yearly output of the sun, to the total output of the Universe since Creation, this diagram is a map of universal energy as we know it.

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