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Typologies and Capacities
Maurits de Bruijn, Jeanne van Heeswijk
Project Description:
The graphic designer Maurits de Bruijn created an impressive relational map to navigate through all the projects where Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk was involved. The interactive map on Heeswijk's website ( allows a smooth navigation between all the projects and shows how different people are related to them. It becomes an intricate social network where every project, represented as a key node, is surrounded by its direct collaborators, which in turn can be linked to others.

Jeanne van Heeswijk stimulates and develops cultural production and creates new public (meeting-)spaces or remodels existing ones. To achieve that, she often works closely with artists, designers, architects, software developers, governments and inhabitants. She regularly gives lectures on topics as urban renewal, participation and cultural production.

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