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SM Douglas, GT Montelione, M Gerstein
Gerstein Lab - Yale University
Project Description:
PubNet is a utility that accepts as input up to two PubMed queries, and returns as output a network graph (in multiple image formats) based on user-specified node and edge selection properties. PubMed is a search system offered by the United States National Library of Medicine as part of the Entrez system. It provides a means of searching the MEDLINE database.

The resulting nodes from PubNet output represent data items associated with publications returned by the queries (such as paper ids, author names, and databank ids), and edges represent instances of shared properties. PubNet can be used to visualize a variety of relationships, such as the degree to which two authors collaborate or the MeSH Term relatedness of publications with PDB ids. The visualization is done with the aid of aiSee visualization software.

The particular image on the left is the result of two queries: Mark+Mike.

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