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Linux Kernel 3D Rendering
Pascal Brisset
Project Description:
The images on the left represent screen-shots from a 3D animation video of the Linux source code. Produced by Pascal Brisset, this 3D rendering results in a compelling visual motion where the dependencies in the Linux kernel source code are depicted following a set of parameters:

- Grey boxes represent files.
- The green tree is the directory structure. The two main hubs are "fs" and "net". The "drivers" tree is not rendered.
- Blue lines are function dependencies.
- Red lines are variable dependencies.
- Yellow flashes show file size modifications.
- Green flashes show files being moved across directories.
- Red flashes show new files.

For each kernel source tree, C files are preprocessed and parsed, while functions and static variables are cross-referenced. The resulting data structures (about 1MB each) are written to disk before rendering, which takes up to 15 minutes for a kernel. Some C files are also excluded manually. In the end, layout is done with trivial spring-based techniques, where links are weighted according to how often functions are used. The custom 3D renderer uses transparency effects rather than polygons and textures. It runs at interactive frame rates on small kernels.

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Posted by Passer-By on May 12, 2007 at 9:45 PM (GMT)

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