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Time Travel
Oscar Karlin
London College of Printing
Project Description:
Time Travel was part of one of Oskar Karlin's final projects at London College of Printing (now London College of Communication). It started as an attempt to redesign the London Underground map. As Karlin puts it: "How could I come up with some innovative ideas to this piece of design that is by many considered as one of the best in graphic design ever"

Karlin started thinking on what's currently different in the world from when the map was designed, and pointed time as the key differentiator. As he explains: "Today you never tell anyone how far away in miles you live, but in minutes or perhaps hours if you're unlucky". Therefore, Karlin decided to create a re-design based on time instead of geographical distance.

Since Karlin's school was in Elephant & Castle, he used the station as time 0 and then created zones for each 5 minutes travel from Elephant & Castle. The idea is that the background is different on each station around the system.

The image shows the final map focused on Elephant & Castle with time zones. The scale in the bottom left is a time scale, in minutes. Each zone represents 5 minutes.

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