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Death and Taxes: A visual look at where US tax dollars go
Jesse Bachman
Project Description:
Most Americans are unaware of how much of their taxes fund the military, and those aware are often misinformed. Jesse Bachman spent close to a year in extensive research and number crunching to get the facts and produce this holistic graph with extensive detail. The effort paid off in the form of an informative map that's easy to read and compare. The author hopes that it will make people think and ask questions. Why do we spend more on jets than we do on public housing? Why is the Endowment for the Arts so small? What's with all this foreign military financing?

All budget figures are from the Office of Management and Budget ( with supplementary military data from the department of Defense ( and the Center for Defense Information ( The DoD is under congressional control and thus, as a governmental department, was placed on the right side of the graph. However, for the purpose of this chart, the DoD is on the left as the total is divided into military and non-military spending.

All circles are sized based on their values and relative to the total budget. Recipients of less than 200 Bilion dollars are generally not depicted except in cases when their importance or relevance merits depiction. The DoD was broken down by branch and then major procurements and programs were depicted. Inlay pie charts were added to reduce redundancy.

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