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Annja Krautgasser, Rainer Mandl, Sepp Deinhofer and Michael Aschauer
Project Description:
IP-III is a visualization application for mapping the online user presence in the Internet. The basic idea is to create a space typical to the Internet, which does not refer to the usual geographic information of online users (compare traffic visualization tools), but rather derives directly from the Internet specific code of the IP numbers.If the binary code of the IP addresses is transposed into spatial coordinates, a space constructing structure can be produced, which corresponds to a spatial language inherent to the Internet.

Through the online user's applications as spatial coordinates, the created space modifies itself in real-time with the behavior of its visitors. An important aspect of the code conversion of the IP addresses into spatial coordinates is that the spatial interpretation of the IP addresses is not geographically translated in a classical sense, but rather the IP addresses are broken down into their binary code and, following this, allocated to a Cartesian coordinate system. With this, a virtual map is generated in which an autogenous net space is described - quasi a spatial map of the virtual Internet space.

The installable net project 'IP-III' is comprised of two parts: In the 'online part' which is immediately defined for the online user as a website and in an 'installable part' of the exhibition. The sum of both parts produces a superposition of virtual and real space.

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