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CITE-IT - Courts and Influence Tracking
Wayne McIntosh, Ken Cousins, Steve Simon, James Rose
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences - University of Maryland
Project Description:
This project focuses on the articulation, development, and dissemination of legal precedent across the multi-tiered system of American courts. With support from the National Science Foundation, the investigators are engaged in a mission to study and map the flow of precedent across the American court system during the full course of the 20th century on the issue of regulatory takings.

They are still in the process of identifying and acquiring the corpus of cases relevant to the issue of regulatory takings, but have already demonstrated "proof of concept" for the citation mining and network graphing aspect of the project.

The first graph represents a detail of the citations between all decisions in the current pool. Decisions (circles) are ordered on the x-axis, such that recent decisions appear furthest to the right side of the graph. Position along the y-axis is arbitrary. Information appearing to the right of the graph is generated by selecting decisions within the network. The second graph portraits the dynamics of citations to Parallel Courts.

Decisions (circles) are coded by the court that issued them: Red - US Supreme, Yellow - US Circuit, Blue - US District.

Citations (lines) are coded by the position of the court whose decision is cited, relative to the citing court: Blue - Higher, Black - Parallel, Red - Lower.

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