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Thomas Kapler, William Wright
Oculus Info Inc.
Project Description:
Presented at the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (InfoVis 2004), Geotime by Thomas Kapler and William Wright is a project financed by NGA (National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency) and it aims to analyze observations over Time and Geography, which is always a particular hard task to achieve. This project is one of the best I've seen in dealing with the overlapping of these two realms. A working application of GeoTime is not available online, but for those who had the opportunity of seeing it working live, it proved to be a quite interesting interactive technique.

A visualization method was needed to improve perception of movements, events and relationships as they change over time within a spatial context. A combined temporal-spatial space was constructed in which to show interconnecting streams of events over a range of time in a single picture. Put simply, events are represented within an X,Y,T coordinate space, in which the X,Y plane shows geographic space and the Z-axis represents time into the future and past. In addition to providing the spatial context, the ground plane marks the instant of focus between before and after - events along the timeline "occur" when they meet the surface. Events are arrayed in time along time tracks, which are located wherever events occur within the spatial plane.

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