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25 Years of Ars Electronica
Gerhard Dirmoser
Ars Electronica
Project Description:
In the last years, Gerhard Dirmoser has developed a set of strikingly complex visualization posters under the theme "Art-in-Context" (Die Kunst der Ausstellung). The form of this context is usually a diagram in the size of a poster (aprox. 240cm x 180cm), split in 4 parts.

In this poster, Dirmoser analyzes most author's contributions to Ars Electronica in the last 25 years. Due to the limitations of the available surface, it wasn't possible to provide a complete detailed presentation of all the participating artists, scientists and developers (about 3100 persons are listed). All the participants were compared with the AEC/Ars database.

The language material used was taken from publications on "ars electronica", notes (on the symposium lectures) and relevant literature. The study "Designing Gestures" on ars electronica 2003 was carried out in parallel. The choice/placement is thus to be regarded as the author of the study's subjective/content-based selection.The study is intended to provide a wide-ranging survey, but it cannot substitute for reading the catalogues. In some cases, key works (or concepts) are cited, which were not shown in Linz, but are described in detail in catalogues. The poster can also be used as an index with the page numbers.

The first image shows one of the four pieces of the poster and the second image is a detailed view of it. To see the poster in a public installation, click here

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