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Transvergent Project Relationship Model
Aaron Siegel
CADRE Laboratory for New Media, San Jose, USA
Project Description:
This visualization model was created by Aaron Siegel for the Switch Online Journal for New Media Issue 20 to attempt to address the phenomenon of transvergence in the context of ISEA 2006/Zero One San Jose Festival.

As the author inquires: "Is the phenomenon of transvergence something that exists within a single instance, or within relationships the instance shares with others?".

While studying transvergence, Aaron came to view it as the borrowing of skills and knowledge-bases from various disciplines when required to fulfill a project. The intent of the created model was to view not only the differing skills and disciplines attributing to any individual project, but the ways a particular skill or discipline is unintentionally shared amongst an assortment of projects. Visitors are asked to enter their own transdisciplinary project and reflect on the attributing skills and knowledgebases.

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