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Lukas Schwitter
Hochschule fur Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich
Project Description:
VirutalIPO is an actor-based analysis and dialogue tool to observe the development of ipo's (initial public offering) at the swiss financial center. The dynamic and interactive data-grafic offers a visual comparability of the socio-economic networks' structure as well as of the geografic embeddedness of the several financial intermediaries and ipo-companies.

The left circle illustrates the ipo-companies, arranged by their affiliation to the different economic branches. The distance of a companies' representative to the center displays the performance of the ipo. The middle circle shows the different financial intermediaries structured by their functions (e.g. banks, auditors, legal advisors). The closer one representatives' position to the center of the circle, the more mandatories were accompanied by this intermediary during a specific period of time. In the right circle, one can compare the importance of an area within the swiss financial center because of the amount of actors (ipo-companies and financial intermediaries) that are located in this region.

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