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The mythological cycle of Austrian Event Locations
Project Description:
FAS.research is a research institution located in Vienna, Austria, which has been producing great work in network analysis for science and business. These images illustrate one of their several network analysis.

The celebrity report 'Seitenblicke' features three events every night, taking place at different locations. All events are subsumed under 9 main and 45 mythological subclasses. (birth: opening nights, vernissage; death: leaving stage, an enterprise, an ambassador leaving the country, etc.) If a ball, like the opera ball took place at the Opera House, there is a link between the Viennese Opera House and the category CYCLIC EVENTS: Cyclic Balls. The thickness/ the value of the line not only shows how often a cyclic Ball took place at the opera house. The number of people interviewed at each ball also puts weight on the line. White nodes represent locations that are linked to more than just one and the same main category. By brokering like this, the centrality of these locations is higher. As for the enourmous amount of nodes (995 different locations, 45 categories of 2200 different events, 6150 different people, 13100 relations) a cut off level of 10 has been imposed on the lines of the 2mode network.

Observation Period: Oct 01- June 04

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