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Director Interlocks
Project Description:
FAS.research is a research institution located in Vienna, Austria, which has been producing great work in network analysis for science and business. These images illustrate one of their several network analysis.

Some Managers in Austria are officials of different companies. A person who is an official in two companies connects these companies. Information can flow from one board of directors to another by the connectors. The network shows the most important Austrian enterprises. The size of the circles shows the number of employees in the company. Lines represent connecting managers between these enterprises. The thicker a line, the more common managers these enterprises have. Red lines show the 1 step environment of Key Player Enterprises. Blue circles represent Key Player Enterprises. Key Players are those five companies from which information spread most efficient threw the whole network. Who the key players are depends on the selected number of key players.

Source: Commercial Register, Austria
Population: 2150 most important Austrian companies
Selection: 238 most central companies

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