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Ties among nightclubs
Pacey Foster
Organization Studies Department - Boston College
Project Description:
These images are part of an animation representing 18 months of data capturing 20,124 club nights (e.g., individual nights at different clubs) about what bands played at what nightclubs in Bigtown (a large city in the Northeastern United States) between Jan 31, 2001 and September 5, 2002 . This data was compiled from the Bigtown on-line music listings (that list which bands are scheduled at each club each night). The clubs are colored according to type (blue=cover, red=original). Lines between clubs represent the number of bands that played at both clubs over the time period. The animation starts by showing all the clubs that booked one or more bands in common. In other words, in the first frame, all the clubs that booked at least one of the same bands are tied. Each frame up to 20 adds one band (e.g., frame 2 is all the clubs that booked 2 or more bands in common, etc.). After frame 20, one will notice that there are no more cover (blue) clubs. This means that no pair of cover clubs booked 20 or more bands in common.

After frame 20, the animation proceeds in increments of 10 (e.g., 10 more bands are represented by each line). The last frame represents two original clubs that booked 190 of the same bands. The most important thing to notice is that the cover clubs don't book the same bands while the original clubs do. Note also that two original clubs offering the most similar bands are also the two that are offering the largest number of bands overall (size of the nodes).

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