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Climate Change: U.S. groups in International Context
Richard Rogers
Institution: Foundation, Amsterdam
Project Description:
The Foundation, an Amsterdam-based foundation dedicated to creating and hosting political tools on the Web, and its collaborators have developed a software tool that locates and visualizes networks on the Web. The Issue Crawler, at, is used by NGOs and other researchers to answer questions about specific networks and effective networking more generally. One may also do in-depth research with the software.

These images represent a co-link analysis of significant climate change URLs, using the IssueCrawler, the Java crawler, co-link analysis and SVG visualisation software by the Foundation.

The international, institutionalized climate change discussion is disconnected from the U.S. domestic initiatives, where for example appears in the same space as the most noteworthy national climate change activity (, Sustainable Minnesota). Contrary to expectations, the international NGO community, represented most starkly on this map by, is far closer to the US domestic activitis (e.g.,, than to the inter-governmental players, with the World Resource Institute a notable exception. Overall there is a vast divide between those undertaking projects for a sustainable future, and those discussing climate change and regulatory regimes on an inter-governmental level.

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